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Analysis Fresnel lens principle

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The Fresnel lens, also known as a threaded lens, was invented by the French physicist Augustine Fresnel, who first used this lens design in 1822 to create a glass Fresnel lens system - a lighthouse lens.

Seen from the profile, the surface consists of a series of zigzag grooves, the central part is an elliptical arc. Each groove has a different angle to the adjacent groove, but concentrates the light in one place, forming the center of focus, which is the focal point of the lens. Each groove can be seen as a separate lens, the light is adjusted to parallel light or condenser. This lens also eliminates part of the spherical aberration.

The Fresnel lens

Simply put, the Fresnel lens is flat on one side and raised on the other. The first use of a Fresnel lens was made in the early 18th century when it was used on a searchlight in a lighthouse to focus the beam of light coming out of it. When people need a thin and light lens, the plastic Fresnel lens comes in handy. Although the quality of the image is not as good as a glass lens, in many applications we do not need perfect image quality.

The principle of the Fresnel lens is based on the Fresnel zone plate, which has a lens-like function that concentrates the incident light and produces a great light intensity.

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