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Ultra high precision aspheric
lens customization expert

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Ultra high precision aspheric component customization expert


24years oaf experience in high-precision machining

  • Good at the development and processing of non-metallic materials such as quartz, glass and ceramics
  • Rich experience in ahot melt and cold machining


Comprehensive technical level domestic leading level

  • PV of Surface shape accuracy up to 0.01um.
  • Own dozens of Super high precision CNC machining equipment
  • High precision: The tolerance can be 0.1 um and the roughness up


Strictly implement en9100 quality system guarantee

  • Independent r&d department and professional r&d personnel
  • owns more than 20 technology patents


common choice of
thousands of customers

  • Provide a full range of tailored services
  • Aspheric lens, Free form surface lens, Professional customized lens


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Shenzhen solar valley
technology development co. ltd

Solar Valley has 24 years of experience in high-precision machining and owns more than 20 technology patents.Specializing in quartz, glass,ceramics and other non-mental materials development and processing molding,and we accumulated rich experience at hot melt and cold turning,ultra precision molding machine, CNC machining centers, Taylor Hobsion1240 surface roughness equipmen...

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