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Fresnel optical lens applications and advantages

Large Middle Small Source:Solar Valley View:- Date:2017-12-05 15:01:27

Fresnel optical lens is a branch of the lens, because it compared with other lenses, with the advantages of small size, light weight, compact structure, while it is not inferior to other lenses of good condensing and imaging performance, at the same time, Fresnel optical lens used in many fields, in the defense, aviation, space, industrial production and civil and other fields have been widely used.

Fresnel mold core

Fresnel optical lens used in the projection system has the advantage of focusing or adjusting the light collimation to increase the brightness of the display body, if you cancel the collimation lens, the light will be a lot of loss through the panel, the display will be obvious Hot spot effect, reduce the brightness around the screen. Also, on the other side of the LCD screen, we must also focus the light from the panel onto the projection lens. Use the increased brightness of the Fresnel optical lens before viewing the screen to see the light distribution in the image below.

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