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Molding technology of optical glass lens of Solar Valley

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Optical glass lens molding technology is a high-precision optical component processing technology. Now it has become one of the most advanced optical parts manufacturing technology in the world. The popularization and application of this technology is the optical industry revolution in optical glass processing parts, because this technology can directly press forming precision aspheric optical parts, then created the optical instrument can be widely used in aspheric optical parts when the generation of glass. Therefore, to design the optical system of the photoelectric instrument brings new change and development, not only to reduce the volume of optical instrument, reduce the weight, saves materials, reduces the optical parts coating and workpiece assembly workload, reduce the cost, but also improve the performance of optical instruments, improve the quality of the optical imaging.

optical glass lens

Application scope:

1. All kinds of aspherical lenses used in optical instruments;

2, free surface lens, f- theta, and filter and so on.

3, optical disc, camera, camera and projector lens use aspherical lens;

4, solar photovoltaic lens, prism;

5. Optical fiber couplers are aspherical lenses.

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