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Solar Valley won the EN 9100 quality management system certification

Large Middle Small Source:Solar Valley View:- Date:2017-12-05 14:29:46

August 16, 2017, according to EN9100 quality standards, Solar Valley access to quality management system certification (QMS). Astronautics aspheric lens suppliers, is now officially become "the aerospace industry experts."

Developed specifically for companies developing and manufacturing aerospace components, the EN9100 standard opens the door to Solar Valley as a direct supplier of aerospace companies. With EN9100 certification, Solar Valley will further consolidate and expand its sound market position in avionics.

The standard requires businesses and employees to minimize potential risk by building the appropriate design and manufacturing processes. The EN9100 standard is based on the ISO 9001 and focuses on process-oriented, forward-looking project planning and order processing.

Solar Valley has 23 years of experience in high-precision machining and owns more than 20 technology patents.Specializing in quartz, glass,ceramics and other non-mental materials development and processing molding.Contact us: