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Ultra precision polishing (grinding) technology for aspheric parts

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Ultra precision polishing is a processing method of very slow processing speed. Not suitable for shape generating processing, in recent years, due to the rapid development of short wavelength optical element, OA instrument and AV machine, the surface roughness of the parts put forward higher requirements, so far there is no better than the method of ultra precision polishing practical, especially when the surface roughness is better than the requirements of 0.0l m, this method is indispensable, very high precision of workpiece shape, if using the method of forced feed by cutting or grinding, the shape accuracy will be directly affected by the feeding and positioning precision of the machine tool, reaching the reaction processing and the resulting, the same small concave part on the workpiece on the surface, in general, can only get bigger surface ripples.

Ultra precision polishing

Japan's Osaka University Professor Sen Yong Zhi, et al. Use EEM developed a three axis (x, Z, C) NC optical surface generating device, the device processing, while controlling the residence time of polyurethane ball on the surface of the work piece, while using polyurethane ball scanning processing object for full field the device can use arbitrary surface, high precision machining.

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