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Ultra precision machining technology of Solar Valley

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The highest precision manufacturing of ultra precision CNC machine tool, the use of natural diamond tool, ultra precision molding processing can realize three-dimensional complex surface, high precision, good stability, high surface roughness of 3nm, the aluminum and copper, nickel, gold, germanium, selenium, zinc, zinc sulfide resin (such as PMMA) and other materials processing, with manufacturing all kinds of plane mirror, spherical mirror, concave / convex aspheric mirror, off-axis aspheric mirror and aspheric mirror array, Finel mirror, micro channel array and prism and other ultra precision key parts, and optical glass molding and the injection of various sizes with the processing capacity of the mold.

Ultra precision machining

Application scope:

1, the aluminum and copper, nickel, gold, polymer materials (such as: PMMA, WC) and other materials for ultra precision machining, but also nano cutting on germanium, zinc selenide, zinc sulfide, SiC and other brittle materials;

2. It can be used to manufacture key key parts of Aerospace Precision bearings and surface mirrors.

3. It can be used to manufacture the key key parts, such as the off-axis aspheric lens, and so on for the manufacture of ultra violet photolithography equipment in the field of microelectronics.

4. It can be used to manufacture laser and infrared optical systems with double cone lenses and beam shaping combinatorial mirrors.

5. It can be used to make optical lenses, mirrors, prisms, phase plates and optical moulds.

6. The ultra precision machining of plane, spherical surface and aspheric surface can be made.

7. The hard materials such as WC can be processed by effective means.

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