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What are the advantages of Aspheric lens

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The main advantage of aspheric lenses is that they are used to replace spherical lenses. The most obvious advantage is that the spherical aberration caused by spherical lenses in the collimation and focusing system can be corrected. By adjusting the surface constants and aspherical coefficients, aspherical lenses can maximize the elimination of spherical aberration. Aspheric lenses (light converging to the same point, providing optical quality) virtually eliminate the spherical aberration (the light converges to different points, resulting in image blurring) produced by the spherical lens.

Using three spherical lenses, increase the effective focal length, used to eliminate spherical aberration. However, an aspherical lens (high numerical aperture, short focal length) is achievable and simplifies system design and provides light transmittance.

advantage of aspheric lenses

Aspheric lenses simplify the elements that optical engineers need to improve optical quality while increasing system stability. For example, in a zoom system, usually 10 or more lenses are used (plus high mechanical tolerances, extra assembly procedures, improved anti-reflective coating), however one or two aspherical lenses can be made similar Or better optical quality, thereby reducing the size of the system, increasing the cost and reducing the overall system cost.

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