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What is the role of aspherical optical parts

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Aspheric opticalcomponents is a very important optical components, commonly used parabolic mirror, hyperbolic mirror, ellipsoid mirror and so on. Aspherical optical components can obtain spherical optical components unparalleled good imaging quality in the optical system can be a good correction of multiple aberrations to improve imaging quality and improve system identification ability, which can be one or several aspherical Part replace multiple spherical parts, thereby simplifying the structure of the instrument, reduce costs and effectively reduce the weight of the instrument.

Aspheric optical

Aspheric optical components are also widely used in military and civilian optoelectronic products such as photographic lenses and viewfinders, television cameras, zoom lenses, movie zoom lenses, satellite infrared telescopes, video camera lenses, video and audio disc read heads , Bar code reader, fiber optic connectors, medical equipment, etc.

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