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What is the role of the Finel lens

Large Middle Small Source:Solar Valley View:- Date:2017-12-13 19:07:15

Finel lens has two: one is focused on the role of pyroelectric infrared signal, is refraction on PIR (albedo) second is divided into many bright and dark detection area, moving object detection into the sea can change the way to measure the infrared signal on PIR thermal changes.

Finel said that in the lens, easy lens side distance of the tooth. After the Department insections, able to reach for the light wave spectrum (or albedo category named Xu Zheguang). The effect of the traditional grinding equipment optical bandpass optical filters cost noble. Finel lens can greatly reduce the cost. A typical example is the PIR (active red interior detector). PIR is widely used on radar. If you take a look, you'll find that there's a small plastic hat on every PIR. This is the Finel lens. The outside of the small hat is engraved with the teeth. The Finel lens can be restricted to the peak frequency of the incident light and 10 decimillimeter (peak human Intrared radiation). Low capital equal.

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