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LED aspheric lens

Product Category: LED aspheric lens


Product Details

1. Surface smooth, belonging to the plane lens. Spot uniformity, good light effect, not dazzling. Is more commonly used to the lens style.

2. Can match a variety of high-power LED, uniform spot, no astigmatism, no black spots, no shadow lens rate is very high, you can maximize the LED light utilization.

3. This product uses high-precision, aspheric optical design, using the original imported from France PMMA optical materials, high temperature -38 +103 degrees, to ensure adequate injection molding (to reduce product shrinkage) We have excellent quality department, the right Product requirements and its strict, all in line with national and export standards.

Application: This product is suitable for solar lights, buried lights, underwater lights, wall lights, spot lights, lights and other LED applications.

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