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Molded aspherical lens

Product Category: Glass Molding

Product Description: Ultra-high precision polishing (grinding)


Product Details

Aspherical production of our products to Japan single point diamond ultra-precision multi-axis machining free-form surface machining, the application of ultra-high precision grinding technology of hard and brittle materials ductile, high precision polishing (grinding) technology and so on, its processing The machining depth of each diamond tool can be controlled at 2 nanometers. The entire multi-axis free-form surface machining machine system can process free-form surfaces of any shape under the control of a high-precision industrial control computer, including aspheric products up to 0.1 μm Surface shape, etc. Processing dimensional accuracy and 0.01 micron surface roughness.


Our British aspheric measured using Taylor Hobson × aspheric surface measuring instrument manufactured, aspherical surface roughness profile shape error, the aspherical shape of an arc and projects the measurement error or the like.

Application Areas

Our main products are high-precision grade and ultra-high precision grade aspherical lens, aspherical mirror, aspheric high temperature forming mold, the material can be processed and its applications as shown in the following table:

Device type Material Application areas
Aspheric lens Optical glass Microscopes, photography, large-caliber lenses in photographic systems, wide-angle lenses, fisheye lenses, zoom lenses, etc.
Infrared aspherical lens Single crystal germanium, single crystal silicon and the like Night vision goggles, medical endoscopes, laser processing, thermal imaging cameras, temperature recorders, infrared fundus cameras, satellite infrared telescopes, etc.
Aspheric mirror Aluminum, copper, phosphor bronze Laser processing machines, large displays and more
Aspheric high temperature molding mold Silicon carbide, silicon nitride, ceramics, nickel alloys and the like Mass production of injection molding, molded glass aspherical, optical plastic aspheric products used in molds, etc.
Ellipsoid aspheric mirror Quartz glass, silicon carbide X-ray system and more


1.Our company in accordance with the requirements of customer drawings to process a variety of convex and concave paraboloid, bumpy oval, convex and concave hyperboloid, and so aspherical products, including aspherical lenses, mirrors, infrared aspheric lenses, mirrors and so on.

2.Our company in accordance with the requirements of customer drawings to processing injection molding and molding of glass aspherical, optical plastic, resin, etc. materials used in aspheric products used in ultra-high precision molds.


1.The largest non-spherical part of the product Dimensions:
Round: diameter φ150mm × height 25mm
Square: 150mm long × 150mm wide × 25mm high

2.the above products in accordance with customer requirements can achieve the following accuracy levels:
Ultra-high precision grade: Profile error <0.1μm, surface roughness <0.025μm
High-precision grade: Profile error <1μm, surface roughness <0.1μm

3.other technical parameters in accordance with the requirements of customer drawings for production.

4.coating: in accordance with customer requirements for coating.

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